Kaby Alloys Co. is located in the Northwest of Iran & was the first foreign investment in the Maku Free Zone, which is Iran’s largest and the world’s second largest free trade zone. We were founded in April of 2015 and with the help of our seasoned experts, we were the first establishment to be built and initiate commercial production of the most superior quality alloys.

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Our vision is to become the biggest Ferro Alloy producers with customer satisfaction at the core. We pride ourselves on our focus towards quality without a dip in quantity. We aim to provide superior solutions to all our customers’ needs by delivering the best quality products, encouraging and acting on feedback and being an ethical and responsible organization.

As an organization we believe in growing with the people, so it is our constant aim to develop the Azerbaijan region of Iran and increase employment opportunities. Along with this, as our commitment towards sustainable and inclusive development, we are also in the planning stages of opening funded hospitals and schools in the area ensuring that the people we work with and for, have access to basic healthcare and education.

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We manufacture Ferro Silicon, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese and Ferro Chrome Alloys. All our Ferro alloys are alloying components that make everyday steel, stainless steel and aluminium stronger, more durable, non-corrosive and stain-resistant. These alloys increase the tensile strength of the metals, making them fit for commercial and domestic use.

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Email: md@kabyalloys.com

Phone: +98 910 594 9133  | +98 910 594 9139